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CiMS a full-featured integrated solution for producers


An established customer recommended us to a client who for some years had failed to have a solution created for their business processes. From their requirements grew a powerful software solution titled 'CiMS'. The resulting application has been such an success that they have been able to re-sale it as a product around the globe.

This application has a solid SLA attached and manages multiple millions of pounds worth of invoices per month. We are supplying infrastructure services, support and expanding the product with additional features on request. Following is a short introduction.


CiMS is a full-featured integrated solution designed for individuals, agents, agencies and producers who represent and manage artists, creative professionals and contractors. It is ideal for professional service providers who want to minimise the time spent on contract administration and the delivery of services.

From options and quotations through to the payment of the final invoice, CiMS provides an integrated seamless and easy processing of work. Jobs can be quoted and transacted in any currency. Figures can be analysed using nominal account codes and can be exported for ingesting into your finance package.

It supports multiple offices and includes customer relationship management. CiMS manages events allowing scheduling of job related activities and events with artists, production staff and clients. It includes internet calendar subscriptions allowing events to be monitored and accessed in the calendar client of your choice.

CiMS is web based application which allows you access anywhere you have an internet connection. It has been design from the ground up for scalability and is hosted on a fully redundant, distributed system.


There are many more features visit cimssoftware for more information.