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Our first contact with the client was a request for help in moving from a previous content management system. We first converted their current site into a temporary custom content management system. Achieving this seamlessly without disruption to their site or any web presence it had achieved.

We were then asked if it would be possible to power the content from a management system based on the automotive national occupations requirements, since much of the site content was based on these. We supplied a bespoke management system and integrated this with the site.

They then required an upgrade to the site, which was to be content managed, have full redundancy, able to manage large server loads and include media distribution. We implemented this on our cloud based content management system and connected it to our cloud media distribution system.

The new web site needed to be split into serveral different 'channels', some of which included restrictions and benifits for different types of users. They also suggested the need to run a national automotive technician competition. We help produce a multiple path competition running on our cloud based intelligent survey engine and included this on the website. This allowed them to sift and manage a large amount of applicants we ease.

Recently a requirement for integration with a career progress development service was raised. Working closely with the CPD suppliers we created an API allowing this be implemented. This included full search tools and targeted member filtering, we continue to supply server support and upgrades as requested.


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