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Our services

Bespoke applications

With over 20 years' commercial experience in a wide range of technologies, Camart is well placed to provide a first rate service catering either to standard or unusual requirements. We are small enough to give personal and friendly service yet experienced enough to handle large scale solutions.

Our pedigree is in the production of complex and robust desktop applications, including utilities for the broadcast industry and our own video manipulation software. We've been promoting web accessible front-ends for some years now, even before they became common as it greatly enhanced our clients options and ROI.

We have successfully delivered many web applications ranging from simple management utilities to distributed content delivery and through to advanced systems with complex business logic and multi-system integration dealing with high availability and heavy demand.

We specialise in supplying software solutions that match the client’s specific requirements. Our ability to deliver is underpinned by our solid cross-domain experience, technological expertise and an established development methodology. This has allowed Camart Ltd to become very experienced in creating software and systems. Our focus is always to supply the maximum functionality and usability, on time and in budget.

Support and consultation

Over the years we have often become a port of call for our existing clients on all things technical. We now make this available as a separate service. We have gained a deep understanding of the pros and cons of many solutions and can make solid recommendations. If you need a 3rd party to sanity check a procurement or project, we are happy to help.

We are not a design company and do not directly supply more than basic graphics and styling. Often our clients will have their own preferred designers or use our local design house M J Webb Associates.

Project rescue, legacy systems and customizations

It is a common problem - "I had this software developed, the developer is no longer around, but I need to make changes".

Often you will be told "We can develop a new system for you, but we cannot take on someone else's code". This can be immensely frustrating if you only need a few small changes. Or perhaps you will hear "We can take on a Drupal / Zend / 'Framework X' project but not if it is written in custom code"

Over the years we have picked up various 'orphan' projects, often just to make a few small changes, sometimes to continue on with major development. Of course, we have to take each case on its merits, but in principle, we are quite happy to pick up work where someone else has left off.

Get in touch, and we can soon let you know whether we are able to rescue your project.