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BT Apprenticeship Application Portal


In 2010 we were approached with a request to supply a solution to managing BT Apprenticeships applications using a web based administration system. The major considerations was the ability to handle large throughput and have data redundancy. Another requirement was the ability to sift the resulting respondents and manage their progress though the clients processing procedures.

We implemented their multi-part application, which we supplied via a portal from our cloud based intelligent survey engine. Each section included embedded video supplied via our cloud based media distribution system. With full validation and two multiple question timed online tests, the robustness of the system shined though. This was also theme to match the clients branding.

We supplied a powerful administration system, giving access to a heavily optimised sifting and reporting tools. With some intelligent automatic grading and administrator control, this allowed the client to process many thousands of applications with ease and speed. Filtering is also possible on geo-locations and selections are recordable for later re-use.

With the very successful result, the client requested some minor adaptations and have used the system for a number of years.


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