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Hotel Telephone Maintenance


The client approached us with a proposal for a next generation, touch screen, hotel telephone, information and room service product.

We created the software for a working prototype, which included a fully functioning softphone and close integration to the Meteor System.  The Meteor System supplies Call Accounting, Voicemail and/or Messaging system which is at the heart of the hotel or serviced apartment PBX solution. This allowed the client to supply realtime phone cost and itemisation.

We supllied on site support for the demonstration model at a Hospitality Trade Fair in the USA, at which it was very well received. Although the project hasn't moved forward, the client was very pleased with our service.


We recently developed a web service for the client which interfaces with the 'InnGate' v2, v3 & v4 servers. This simplified the Guest management and Access Authentication of internet access in hotels for the front of house employees.

We continue to supply on going support.

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