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LabSurv Epidemiological Analaysis


We were initially approached by the Health Protection Agency (East of England Region) with a requirement for a web based statistical reporting tool for infection lab test results. The system was required to run on their own IIS servers and to be written in C#, .Net technologies. The system was coined 'LabSurv'.

Using close consultation with the end users, we produced a very efficient and powerful reporting tool, able to serve from a limited bandwidth connection. A major requirement was the abstraction of identifiable patient details from the source data. To this end we supplied a flexible Windows application which is able to extract data from disparate data sources and supply the result to the web based system in a secure manner.

We implemented a powerful. optimised, filtering and query engine which produces a graphical output at speed and includes a complex exceedence algorithm. These outputs are then able to be grouped into reports and reviewed ether in the web application or exported as a PDF.

Now in use by a number of regions in the UK and growing in popularity, we are looking forward to continuing support.


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