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VJamm Audio-Visual Instrument


One of the first commercial VJ applications. This powerful video manipulation application, built for live performances, has low-latency, multi-channel, video playback abilities.

VJamm is a tool for montage compositon and performance. You can go to film school to find out what that means or you can just start VJamming and get it instantly. It has:

  • 16 channels of realtime a/v mixing, A/V mixer with OpenGL hardware acceleration.
  • Huge range of functionality for individual clip control (size, shape, soft edge luma key, opacity, position, direction and scratch.)
  • Rendering to export your compositions and re-introduce as finished piece of video for further jamming, DVD, broadcast, streaming production(Pro).
  • Auto BPM clip stretching with perfect timebase.
  • Great response and low latency.
  • TV out support: VJamm plays with full quality through your television/projector/VCR etc.
  • State of the art FreeFrame video effects plugins included.
  • Sync mode playback ideal for installations like Gridio and DJ/VJing.
  • Loads DirectShow files so can load mpegs / avis.
  • Full midi support - with midi learn and control of all parameters.
  • 3D clip mapping with rotating, arrays etc.
  • DJ style cross-fade module with transform buttons.
  • Controllable Trails for DR.Who effect.
  • Looping in and out points with real-time adjustable control.
  • Unique layer stack for fast and clear layering control. Allowing the user to see the state of all 16 layers.
  • Individual clip control boxes for play, pause, stop.
  • Alpha stencil modes. User picture as a matte/vignette on any clip.