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Creating your health informatics

The ClusterTrack web application was born when an epidemiology unit requested an upgrade to an existing analytical process. During their analysis they used a suite of spreadsheet macros to produce reports, and although these were useful, there were some major limitations.

In close consultation with the epidemiologists, the best parts of the process where reproduced and improved upon to create ClusterTrack.

ClusterTrack allows the visual representation of movements of patients associated with infections. An intelligent modern web interface has been created to ease data capture and display a graphical representation for intuitive analysis. Helping you to identify likely points of contagion, understand the spread of infection and produce graphics for conclusions and reports.

Features include

• The ability to create infection incident reports
• Enter case details, including specimen information
• Enter multiple location data per case
• Order graphic visualisation by different properties
• Customise and download a PDF report
• Use spreadsheets to Import and Export cases

Privacy is assured as the system does not allow you to enter any Patient Identifiable Information - you must refer to cases by a short code only. The data will never be shared with any 3rd party.